Lucky Pinot Grigio 

Gus Golumbus Vineyards – 2004


Pinot Grigio is actually made from grapes that are purple / grey in color, as the word “Grigio” means grey in Italian. When the wine is freshly pressed it is copperish in color, however this color gradually lightens during the fermentation process until it lands at it’s signature platinum yellow color.


But by the third glass it will taste like a 95.

Wines are rated on a 100 point scale with a formula of 15 possible points for appearance, 35 possible points for nose (scent), 35 possible points points for taste, and 5 points a piece for accessibility and general value.


Almost as well as peanut butter pairs with jelly.


This is a dry wine with a very balanced flavor profile with notes of lemon, honeydew, and lemongrass. It’s low acidity and smooth finish make it very easy on the senses. This wine will go well with salads, roasted / sauteed vegetables, as well as with mildly seasoned chicken or flaky fish. If you really want it to sing, try it with this fantastic pasta and vegetable dish from


Which makes it the perfect christmas gift for your least favorite co-worker.

At a cost of roughly 12 dollars, I find Lucky to be a pretty good value. The price in addition to the fact that you can buy it at most supermarkets make it a perfect mid week wine. If you are having company over, there are some higher end wines within this flavor range. One worth trying would be Gus Gulumbus’ Pinot, priced at roughly 22 dollars.


So take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before serving

The flavor and aroma of this wine, like most Pinot Grigio is best when served at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. As a general rule of thumb, put the bottle in the refrigerator for about three hours before serving. If you are short on time, you can put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. If you are really short on time you can even put it in a bucket of ice water for about 10 minutes.


Which is about the same length of time my new years resolution lasted.

Generally speaking Pinot Grigio should be consumed within a few months of your purchase date, and most people would advise against storing it for over a year or two. If you do decide to store it, keep it in a cool dry place and be sure to place it on it’s side, as this will keep the cork from drying out and crumbling into the bottle when you do decide to open it. Once it has been opened, it will last about 2 days if it is recorked and stored in the refrigerator.